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The Svindersvik bridge unites Kvarnholmen and Nacka. To fulfill the design scheme by ÅF Lighting we supplied a custom colour linear fixture from GVA Lighting. Our friends at Control Dept. built, commisioned and programmed the DMX-system.

I want to se more!

Downtown Camper

The amazing interior design by Stylt Trampoli was enhanced by Exengo's lighting design. One of our favourite areas is the sauna, where Lucifer's Fraxion downlights sets the mood in the relax area, and Lumino's Vector performs a warm and welcoming glow inside the sauna.

Now that's a sauna!

This is Rebel Light

We want to be the best possible partner to the Scandinavian lighting designer. That means we will always work with your design intention as our guideline.

We're happy to call ourselves experts at what we do. We know our product and service inside out. We practise everyday to make sure you are served the most accurate and up to date information when it comes to our product, technology and how to integrate it in your design scheme.

But we will never, ever, compromise your design intention or integrity.


Every product we promote is designed to be the best in class. And with every product comes our dedicated service. You can always ask us for support and advice!

Every brand are experts within their niche. We claim to have the best toolkit for the Scandinavian lighting design community. And shame on us if we ain't got it!

Over the years we've struggled to find decorative products with good control of light. When Factorylux partnered with Xicato that is exactly what they could offer. Awesome industrial & steam punk influenced forms with fully controllable beams and gear. If you've been looking for a way to get along with the interior designer without compromising your design scheme - You're going to like this!

This fine Croatian business comes with a true expertise in exterior and underwater applications. Filix design, engineer and manufacture high-quality, high-performance lighting instruments for the most demanding design schemes and environments.

If you love innovation and want all the latest technical integrations, look no further, formalighting does it. Motorized products for aiming. Full spectrum light.  Wireless controls. Electrical and mechanical beam shaping. Here are all the standard products you need, equipped with the technology you want.

GVA Lighting from Canada design their luminaires to be the best in the world. And if you take a look at the outstanding innovation and technical features of their product, you'll agree that this is not just an ambition. When it comes to big scale exterior design schemes, there's nothing comparable out there.

LightGraphix design and manufacture lighting for architectural, marine and display use. Robust products in minimalistic form factors, perfect for our Nordic climate and design preferences.

San Antonio, Texas, is home to the most precision engineered and finely crafted architectural lighting fixtures in the industry. The goal has always been the same: to increase people’s ability to see, enjoy, appreciate, and experience every nuance of special objects, fine art, haute cuisine, and unique space. It’s all about creating lights that create experiences.

With an ambition to take a simple product to perfection. That's how we like to think of our British friends at Lumino. Every linear Vector product is built using ColorCORE® technology from 2200K to 4000K. Combining that High CRI (rating of up to 95Ra) witha a great attention to detail and optical performance, Lumino offer a simple, yet beautiful, product and a sophisticated option to the widely used LED-strip.

Mike Stoane Lighting products embrace issues such as lockability, glare control, ease of maintenance, light quality and consistency. They are built to last, to be maintained and even to be upgraded if and when advances allow. This is a high quality and super sustainable range of products that Rebel Light is proud to present to the Nordic design community.

Since 1980 Modular have been a rebel in the industry, always on the eccentric side and always with a strong identity in both design and practise. Pairing bold aestethics for modern architecture with a long history of developing defined technical lighting systems Modular have remained a relevant brand throughout the decades.

Orluna produces the UK's best selling downlight. Origin luminaires enrich colours in fabrics and materials, and comes with accurate beam control to achieve any desired scheme effect. This is already the "go to" downlight for many world class designers internationally, and a most welcome challenger on the Nordic arena.

All Radiant products can be configured and adapted to suit particular architectural solutions but always with one aim in mind: to enhance architecture subtly and beautifully, giving the designers with whom we work the tools they need to create perfectly illuminated interior and exterior spaces.

Established in 1957, the family run business is now an International benchmark in the lighting industry. A social, design friendly and dedicated company with products that fit perfectly into the Nordic design climate. Sleek, technical and flexible product families that are easy to work with throughout your whole design scheme.

Rosco, founded in 1910, is best known for the products it originally manufactured: color filters, gobos, scenic paints and fog products. But today Rosco also provide a great range of products for indoor & outdoor projections and architectural lighting.

Easy-to-configure linear systems for sustainable indoor and outdoor lighting. Built to adapt to architectural needs, the Vice line-up consists of 3 distinct yet complementary spec grade systems made from extruded aluminum and manufactured to support a wide range of optic, output and mounting combinations.


We collaborate with the top Scandinavian lighting designers so it's not by accident we supply some of the finest lighting projects. Here's a small selection.


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