P·U·S·H – Performance Urban Skate House – is a 1000 m2, vibrant space inside Gallerian City, Stockholm. Filled with exciting pop-up stores, a prime skateboard bowl and a street skating space, PUSH will provide Stockholm with a refreshing, urban meeting place in the center of Stockholm.  

Created by Swedish skateboarding innovation company Performance Sk8, PUSH aims to strengthen the self-esteem of children and teenagers by offering a safe, social scene where they can meet and be active around common interests. PUSH also supports Sweden for UNHCR through raising money to help the 70 million people today living under miserable conditions as refugees all around the world.  

Supporting P·U·S·H was a no-brainer for Rebel Light. Rickard Lundell (MD) explains why..

”- I grew up at youth centers and I can’t imagine where I’d be without them. For years it has annoyed me that cost savings in tax-funded activities have caused many of these centres to shut down, and left a generation of kids without that great opportunity to learn and grow in a safe and controlled environment. When I understood the concept of PUSH I knew this was a good fit for us. If we can help collect money for the great work of UNHCR, that is a fantastic bonus, but now I’m just thrilled that there’s a fantastic indoor skate park and hangout for kids in Stockholm, so that they can skate all year around, and at a great location, so that it’s available for everyone, including us! We couldn’t be happier.”

More info about P·U·S·H  here: http://pushsthlm.com/

Rebel Light sponsored products at P·U·S·H :


110 pcs of Yori track projectors (30W, 30°)

186 metres of track


3 pcs of REFLECTOR, Large, white, Xicato XTM Artist CRI95+, 3500K, 3000 lm

3 pcs of REFLECTOR, Large, Matt black, Xicato XTM Artist CRI95+, 3500K, 3000 lm

3 pcs of REFLECTOR, Large, Galvanised, Xicato XTM Artist CRI95+, 3500K, 3000 lm

4 pcs of REFLECTOR, Small, Matt Black, Xicato XTM Artist CRI95+, 3500K, 1000 lm



(To control FACTORYLUX pendants)

9 pcs of CBU-ASD, wireless control unit for Dali/0-10v. 

Lighting and Interior Design: White 

Photo: Anders Bobert